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Asianmonitor: Interface in action

Continuously Innovative

18 December 2022
New Tool
Market Explorer
Your betting offer in comparison with the odds of up to 8 selectable competitors in our new client-related odds comparison.
09 September 2022
Composed Market
Create your individual reference market
01 April 2022
New Partnership
We are proud to support Cyprian market leaders Betonalfa Ltd. with our Monitoring service.
30 January 2022
Team Notifications
Leave a comment for your team members that you are already working on a high risk alert or want to accept a price.
05 December 2021
Useful new Filter
Cool Feature:
Flash Mode
12 November 2021
New Tool
Margin Viewer
Compare your margin of a selected league with the margin of up to 5 different competitors of your choice.
16 April 2021
New Partnership
We are pleased to announce a new partnership with the IBIA. Asianmonitor is supporting the International Betting Integrity Association to detect and report suspicious betting activity.
09 December 2020
User Experience
Fixed HT bets
Unique detection of manipulated halftime bets: Get notifications on sharp dropping odds on Halftime Over at simultaneously stable odds on Fulltime Over.
19 November 2020
Notifications sent in real time to your Slack workspace
30 October 2020
Trading Signals
Which are trending bets at Betfair at the moment? Are there matches with all the money on only one team? Is there any conspicuous turnover? Our unique new tool Trading Signals analyses the stakes traded on the betting exchanges.
05 April 2020
Cybersports FIFA NHL NBA now available!
28 November 2019
User Experience
Never miss
any new alert
Try the new notification panel in our webapp. Get a visual and acoustical alarm once a new alert appears in one of your modules.
11 October 2019
American Football
NFL Specials
Your NFL odds on Touchdown scorers, Passing Yards, Receiving Yards, Passing Touchdowns and Receptions can now be monitored in the Special Bets module.
04 October 2019
Outrights for Football, Tennis and F1 added!
18 April 2019
Odds Odds Odds
More opportunities to compare your betting offer: We added odds from Betano, Coolbet, Eurobet, Planetwin365, Snai and Winamax to Bookie2Bookie module recently.
9 January 2019
Live Betting Alerts: 1x2 bets added
Next to Asian bets the Live Betting Alerts module covers European bookmakers and 1x2 bets now.
8 January 2019
Goalscorer Odds
Anytime Goalscorer and First Goalscorer markets for all major football leagues have been added to the risk management. Compare your own goalscorer odds with the market-dominating bookmakers in the Special Bets module.
15 December 2018
New bet type:
Points per Player
Your lines on the increasingly popular Points per Player bets for NBA, Euroleague and ABA League will be monitored in the Special Bets tool now.
15 November 2018
Closed Bets
Watch out! Our new tool displays bets that have been closed or withdrawn by a remarkably large number of bookmakers. Closed bets are often an indicator of high bets on a particular outcome.
1 November 2018
New version of AM just launched!

Early Warning for Betting Manipulation

Latest Asian Changes
Live Preview
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Detecting Market-Moving Information and Potential Match-Fixing

Odds changes on the Asian handicap market arise from high turnover trades by insiders, experts and highrollers. Asian odds are more up to date and more closely in line with market conditions than those of traditional bookmakers. We monitor the cash flow on the Asian Market for you. You can take advantage of this expert information in our Asian Changes Tool.

Our Odds Monitoring Tool at a Glance

Risk Manager
Minimize losses with the
Risk Management Tool

Discover the unique Bookmaker Risk Management Tool

Optimize your book – compare your odds with the Asian handicap market, with betting exchanges and the most important European bookmakers. Our user–friendly interface will show you whenever your odds are higher than on the selected key markets. It has never been easier to align your odds with the Asian betting market.

Mathematical algorithms to compare your 3–way odds with Asian 2–way odds and real-time operations make us unique in the market. Asianmonitor offers your traders an intelligent, effective and proven back-office Tool, allowing you to set the right market price and attract more customers. Protect your business against profitable players, arbitrage betting and betting manipulation. No knowledge of Asian handicap betting is required to use Asianmonitor.

Live Events under Full Control

Clear and user-friendly Tool for In-Play Traders

Compare your odds in real time with one or more bookmakers of your choice. Select the Supervisor View to have an overview of all matches where you have deviations to your desired reference bookies or view each match in the Trader View to efficiently monitor all odds and lines of this match.

All deviations are clearly displayed and sorted by a risk score from high to low where you can always keep an eye on the exact score and duration of the match.

Get alerted at suspicious odds changes during a game and see a real-time warning whenever live odds contradict mathematical expectations.

Be one of the first to know about significant Odds Changes

Where Does the Smart Money Go? Follow the Big Betting Markets!

Money talks! Tracking odds changes on the important betting markets is essential for the bookmaking business. We monitor the Asian handicap market, betting exchanges and the European betting market for you. See what insiders are betting on, find out about dropping odds in real–time. All sports, all leagues, all matches.

Profit from Insider Knowledge with absolutely unique Tools

Analysis of the traded money on Betting Exchanges

Turnover Spread provides you with important market information by analysing the stakes traded on the betting exchanges. Find matches in which the turnover is not proportional to the respective odds. For example, a football match in which the traded turnover for the outsider is significantly higher than that for the favourite. Situations of this kind indicate that insider information is at play.

Trending Bets displays bets for which a high turnover is currently being traded on the betting exchanges. High turnover bets are often an indicator that new information about a match has recently become known and generally indicate that odds will decrease in the future.

Bookie to Bookie
Discover more useful Trading Tools

Innovative and Result oriented

Use the Market Builder to significantly enhance your betting offer by pinpointing those matches that Bet365 or other selected bookmakers are offering, but you are missing.

Do you want to match your margins to those of your competitors? Use Margin Viewer to take a look at their margin per league and optimise yours.

If you want to analyse historical games, use the Database to monitor the odds of thousands of matches.

Of course, we also show you in which Sure Bets you are involved in, compare your odds in Bookie2Bookie with desired competitors, see which markets and live events are missing in your sportsbook (Missing Markets & Missing Events) and much more stuff for a great benefit.

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What to know about demo accounts?

The proof is in the pudding: The best way to get an idea of Asianmonitor is to use it in real life. We would be happy to grant you a free 14–day trial so you can do just that. You will have the best experience of our risk management functions if we can import your real odds. Ideally, you would provide us with a feed of your odds. If this is not possible, our programmers can import the odds from your website using web scraping technology.

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Managing Director
Ralf is the founder and managing director of Asianmonitor and working on the continued development of the software. Computer scientist, betting expert and Bundesliga enthusiast.
Head of Development
Experienced in building data-driven web applications, he started the Asianmonitor with Ralf in 2008 as developer and data analyst. He likes alternative music and cooking.
Sales & Marketing
Sigi was co-founder and is in the sports betting market for more than 30 years. As a business economist his wealth of experience helps in strategic decisions. He loves running and cross-country.
Sales & Marketing
Communications engineer. Besides sports betting, he loves playing poker, tennis, and skiing. His favorite sports team is SC Austria Lustenau from Austria.
Sales Manager
Our specialist in odds monitoring and risk management with a history of working in the gambling & casino industry. His other passions are astronomy and meteorology.
Front-end Developer
Sead has years of experience in developing software for desktop, mobile, and web. He follows the E-Sports scene in his free time, including Dota2, SC2 and CS:GO.
Developer / Data Manager
Web developer, punk and a football philosopher. He has a great understanding of rules and bet types for every sport there is and makes sure your data updates fast and flawless in our environment.
Developer / Data Manager
Ferhat is providing back-end support for Asianmonitor dealing with our clients' APIs, feeds, and odds. He is a husband and father of two kids, enjoying biking and long walks in nature.
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